About the Game

Interloper is an online multiplayer real-time strategy game with matches that take only 5 minutes. Instead of destroying your opponent, you win by claiming domain. By predicting your opponent's movements, you corner them to claim the entire map.

Interloper distills RTS mechanics to their essence, bringing a focused, stripped down, fast-paced, and accessible strategy experience.

How To Play

The goal of Interloper is to claim domain by covering the level with your color. Domain provides the energy your units thrive on, and connects claimed structures to each other, allowing you to produce more and better units. You expand your domain by moving your main unit, the Sentinel.

Connect Assemblers with Power Sources to produce Drones. You use these Drones to block the enemy and protect your domain, or sacrifice them in an explosive attack to break through your opponent's defense. Drones are also a resource to create powerful specialists, like the sturdy Husk and the fearsome Destroyer.

Our Goal

With Interloper, we aim to make the RTS genre accessible, while still offering a challenging, interesting strategy experience. A lot of people (especially those with kids or demanding jobs) said to us that they don’t play RTS games anymore because they take so much time. We want to target people that enjoy strategy games, but don’t necessarily want hours of tutorials, or loads of numbers and attacks or other stuff on the screen.

One thing we are proud of is that we managed to make Interloper fast-paced and easy to learn, without dumbing down the game. We feel Interloper could really stand out because it represents such a hardcore game genre (RTS) in an accessible and unique way.